Bring elegance and grace to your wardrobe with art silk salwar suits

Beauty becomes more profound when it is adorned with classy and elegant clothes. An Indian woman looks her best in beautiful ethnic attires, embellished with amazing jewelry and accessories. And, what is a better way to accentuate your grace than a pretty salwar suit.

Among different types of fabrics that lend richness and elegance to a salwar suit, silk is considered to be the finest one. The free-flowing texture, lustre and comfort make silk one of the preferred material for both sarees and salwar suits. It gives a stylish and fashionable look yet conserves the classic and simple aesthetics. This is also the reason why pure silk is an expensive fabric.

Nowadays, we see a lot of variation in the material with the invention of artificial silk or art silk. It is a hybrid kind of a fabric, where any synthetic fibre, which is similar to the quality of silk but cheaper to produce, replaces the original material. It is also commonly known as rayon. Art silk is used as a substitute for pure silk, so that the raw material cost comes down.

Art silk is a favorite fabric among people who loves to wear silk apparels. You will hardly be able to differentiate between the two except for a few parameters. Art silk salwar suits are an apt addition to your wardrobe, both for formal and casual occasions. The following section talks about the difference between raw and artificial silk from different aspects.

How to differentiate between pure and art silk?

First and foremost is the process of creation that makes these two distinctly different. Pure silk is derived from silkworms on mulberry trees, followed by the process of extraction and weaving. Whereas, art silk is made from pulp, bamboo viscose (also called bamboo silk), cellulose fiber, polyester etc.

Apart from this, the following factors are considered while differentiating:
Lustre: Pure silk shines a lot due to the material of the thread. It shines differently at different angles. On the contrary, art silk always shines with a white colour from every angle.

Patterns: Pure silk and art silk differ on how patterns are done on them. In pure silk, the backside will have an outline of the printed pattern, and a fuzzy one for woven patterns. Whereas, for art silk the backside will be almost plain for both the cases.

Wedding Ring Test: A normal, genuine silk is known to pass through the hole of a wedding ring because it is light and smooth. But, art silk will not pass through so easily. However, heavier genuine silk might also fail the test.

Price: Art silk definitely costs less compared to pure silk and that is why people prefer it. It is almost three times cheaper and hence affordable for many.

Considering these factors, people opt for art silk in many cases because it still holds the rich look and feels like raw silk. Let us take a look at why people prefer art silk apparels.

Should you buy art silk salwar suits?

If you are looking for some amazing salwar suits at an affordable price, then art silk should be on the top of your mind. And you would love to wear art silk salwar suit because:

1) You can enjoy the same look and feel of a silk salwar suit at much affordable price.
2) Art silk salwar suits are equally comfortable to wear and easy to carry. The fabric is soft and breathable.
3) They are easy to maintain as well as. Some of best salwar suit designs and styles can be made from art silk.
4) It does not insulate heat, hence it keeps your body cool. You can wear it in any season with proper accessories to match.
5) Finally, the latest and trendiest designs in salwar suits are being made from art silk fabric. You will definitely find something according to your body shape and preference.

Art silk salwar suits for many occasions

You can wear art silk salwar suits on almost every occasion. They come in light pattern works to heavy embroideries. You can wear it to an office party or choose a gorgeous one for evening occasions.

Since they are easy to carry, you don’t have to worry if they will be too heavy. Even maintenance is easy for these salwar suits. Overall, it will give you an elegant and classy look and you can be a head turner as well as.

If you are wondering where to buy designer salwar suits online, we will help you with the different styles.

Various styles in art silk salwar suits online

Women’s salwar suit in art silk comes in a variety of designs and styles, which can be suited to different occasions.

Art silk salwar suits can be of both Aline or Anarkali styles. It can also be kurtis with different types of necklines. Designer Bollywood style gowns also come out well in the art silk fabric. Almost all neckline and salwar kameez styles like long side or front slits, asymmetrical cuts and etc. look good in this kind of a fabric.

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