Sun has brightened up, flowers are blooming, the wind is blowing and they all are pointing the spring season which has already made the entry.

Spring, then summer and then another season, but the essence of wearing skirt will be the same with the keep changing fashion evolution and elans. Skirts are great styling partner of women for all seasons. Nothing as much as feminine yet a cool attire than flirty and long silhouetted skirts. They are most evergreen essential and basic clothing of women’s wardrobe. No matter what the occasion you are about to attend, skirts have always been a mainstay and always play new and fantastic. They are highly flexible due to characteristics such as utmost comfortable, flowy, provide freedom of movement, easy to wear and a lot more that count the same. No wonder, that’s why women like to do twirling and embracing their figures in extra flares, sassy silhouettes and cute hemlines

Since skirts are available in diversities of styles and lengths, they can bestow you looks varying from professional to casual. And here, we gonna share you 17 types of skirts that are trending, flattering and can compliment your look effortlessly.

What are they? Let’s explore them all below!

Maxi Skirts

Does not matter if you are having a heavy body structure or you are short, tall and thin, maxi skirts are what that suit every body type while giving a feminine and flirty appearance to the wearer. Whether you wanna chill out during the shopping time or wanna be dressed for a love date, these skirts are fun and easy to wear and why not when they do not require your waxed legs all the time. All you need to go just slaying.


Denim Skirts

Inspired by cowboy fashion, denim skirts are the version of recycling. They are just cool as they must be. Basic to special, they are made for all moments. Platform shoes and a baseball crop tee are best to style up a denim skirt. These skirts are varied by lengths, shapes and hemlines. One can go utterly swaggy in a denim skirt with fur sweater and heels during the cold weather.


A-line Skirts

One of the most ruling styles of skirts, A-line skirts never fade away from the trend and never leave you behind in the race of fashionistas. Named as the shape of A letter, A-line skirts are a bit tight around the hips and go broader and flared till the hemlines. They can be calf length, knee length, mini length and an ankle length. Apart from all body types, A-line skirts are best to go for those who feel self-conscience and want to hide their body flaws. These skirts can make a bond with crop tops, pullovers, kotis and shirts.


Pencil Skirts

Which girl does not love to embrace her curvy silhouette? I think, not even one. If you are the lady having a curvy figure like Kim Kardashian who is bold and doesn’t hold back to show herself like she is, then pencil skirts are the one style which will suit you perfectly. Women are blessed with the beautiful body structure so why do not embrace it.

Well, pencil skirts flaunt your feminine structure and make you confident to go sassy, classy and elegant. Wearing it for a formal event or casual get together, these skirts can play both smartly. One can choose a baggy t-shirt and tuck it in pencil skirt or can go for a dressy formal shirt with the solid ones to obtain the compliments for a well-groomed look.


Tulle Skirts

Imagination and fairy tales made the designers reach here and they have arrived for the best. Tulle skirts are their invention which gives reason to be cute, flirty and ageless to women. These skirts are famous for the ballet performances and made up from tulle netting which creates a lacy, fancy and floating look. And recently due to the popularity of this style made its way into fashion world where everyone is loving to have this skirt in her wardrobe for special occasions. Tulle skirts create extra volume to below waistline and portray toned waistline. Christmas, New Year, Cocktail parties are those events on which you can try out this pretty skirt with the fitted off-shoulder top and pump heels.


Wrap Skirts

Wrap it up, lass!

Wrap skirts are no less than draping a saree. But, it is very easy to wear as it only demands one wrap around the waist and then tied up, that’s all. This is one of the versatile types of the skirt which is draped in the way to give you a slimmer yet up-to-the-minute look. Best for all body shapes, one can pair it up with slip top, bustier tee, tank top and more to get an unmatched look.


Knife Pleated Skirts

Go bright and elegant this season in knife pleated skirt.

A type of sharp and vertically pleating especially in skirts, folded in one direction called knife pleated skirt which makes you look tall and slim. These skirts tend to be ready to wear and generally do not require any special ironing on the last call. They come in every length and can spot for casual and semi-dress dressing. As if you are a street stylist and love to do experiments, then you can wear this skirt with t-shirts, bralette, pullovers and another upper wear which can highlight the skirt and your look as well as. These skirts can be seen in metallic forms to tinted shades.


Mini Skirts

Mini skirts are back in town, so fall again. After maxi and pencil skirts, mini skirts are what must have for women. They are short in length which proffers sassy and cute look and compliments your long and toned legs. From solid to printed and leatherette, mini skirts come in every pattern with the slits often. These can be teamed with flats and shoes in summer season or can be dressed with high thigh boots for a chic winter look. A peplum top can do justice with the fitted mini skirts.


Tea Length Skirts

According to Emily Post, a tea length skirt used to be worn by ladies while having tea. This skirt falls about three to four inches below the knee and later became the alternative of floor-sweeping gowns. With the evolution of the trend, these skirts are capturing many eyeballs as we are seeing many of Bollywood to Hollywood, Tollywood and Jollywood divas in them. Playing a classy and comfy appearance, these skirts can be adorned with sparky western blouses for the partywear looks.


Fringe Skirts

Fringe has recently made its entry and we already twirling and crushing on it. Fringes are kind of edging cut stripes which are used above the fabric or with the fabric of the skirt. From below fifty women to teenage girls, fringe skirts are loving by all ladies. This skirt pattern has become an increasing fashion goal which gives you moments to appear gorgeous, cute and stylish. Crop top, t-shirt, shirts and bomber jackets will go on-point with it.


High Low Skirts

A game of hemline! The high low hemline has been ruling the trend since it is made. It is quirky yet so uber cool. High low skirts are flattering and so common that they can be adorned for casual outings. Comfortable and can come in every length, these skirts are considered by the high low hemline of the fabric.


Tulip Skirts

Resembles the tulip flower, the overlapped pattern like a tulip petal and tapered hemline make it an ideal option for those women who have hourglass figures. Tulip skirts make your thighs look fuller and add curves to your body an instant. These skirts can be a formal or semi-formal outfit with your choices of blouses.


Asymmetrical Skirts

Asymmetrical skirts look like high low skirts or can say they both are one. These skirts vary the length and can be dressed by the ladies who are tall and well-toned. Asymmetrical is the hemline which is well-recognized as compared to all hemlines among the fashionable crowd. These skirts are interesting which can replace your any cocktail dress or fancy number in the utterly stylish way. You can wear it as a beachwear with the tube top or spaghetti top also to acquire a delightful yet sober look.


Mini Mermaid Skirts

So feminine and pretty! Mermaid skirts are tightly fitted around your lower body party just like pencil skirts but with the fish cut flare at the bottom hemline. They can be dressy or formal and flaunt your hipline gracefully. Mini mermaid skirts come in calf-length which make the perfect team with buttoned-down shirts and halter neck tops.


Layered Skirts

Layering has become modern women’s key to be effortless and stylish both at the same time. A style that can suit petite girls is the layered one. The layer on another layer and another layer makes this style perfect for those who want to add volume to their lower body part. These flared style skirts are the perfect statements for you in the summer season.


Bell Skirts

A bell skirt hugs at the waist then flares towards the hemline and creates a shape just like a bell. Usually, these skirts are fabricated by heavier and thick fabrics so that they don’t ruin the bell shape. Bell skirts also add volume to your body so that they are best for hourglass body shape or well-toned waists. Opt for a quoted tee and pumps to go with this girly skirt.


Rah-Rah Skirts

The rah-rah (hurrah or oh ra ra) skirt is a short layered skirt that was originated for cheerleading and become a vast growing fashion statement among teenage girls in the early 1980s. And now, they are back as a most demanding mini skirt with minimal to extra layers. This skirt is cute and can be dressed with a crop top, t-shirt, sports crop top by the tall and petite both girls.