It's time to winter update bae! Are you ready to fight against chilly winds and picky cum soft snow falls? If yes, then you must scroll down below.

The crisp air already kicks in, the days have become much shorter, decoration of Christmas has leveled up and the outside is getting much darker, that means the time has come when we must welcome winter in style. But the reason we love winter is not only about the chilly winds, romantic weather or the hot coffee. The main thing which attracts us and gives us chance to layer more with style is about wearing coolest winter wear and flaunt them like a pro. Hence, that two to four months of the year when we love to slipping into cozy winter essential, there is nothing better than throwing our favourite sweaters. Yes, there are no doubts that women’s sweaters are one of our favourite garments which can acquire us various looks for winter fall while keeping us warm and cozy. Whether they are chunky knitted threads or draped-wrapped cardigans, sweaters that are cute, stylish, hot and cozier enough to supplement your existing threads, those are updated here in latest styles. These are oh-so-chic yet comfortable and stylish to make you say wow and feel the warmth.

So as if you are wondering to update your wardrobe from the trendiest winter closet ever or replace your old ones, we did our homework and bring you top 35 types of women’s sweaters that totally won our hearts and will nail the winter fashion.

Ribbed Sweaters

Getting ready to style around in a basic ribbed sweater, do you know what it means?

It means, I already have coffee now I don’t need another cup. Thanku very much! In simple words, you have your own swag that helps you to look your best in every outfit without any overdoing. And that’s what ribbed sweater is for us which is really demanding due to its ribbed knitting and plain pattern.

Fuzzy Sweaters

What’s better than getting feeling cozier in a woolen blanket kind of sweater. Yes, the fuzzy sweater is enough to seek all attention by keeping the warmth up because of its soft woolen fabric. A white fuzzy sweater tucked in denim jeans or pleated skirt will be what like an icing on the cake. Trust us, and get it done to discover a new you.

Turtle Neck Sweaters

Here she is slaying gorgeously!

With the running trend over the past few overs, Turtle neck sweaters for women never fade out and even standout very stylishly. Turtle neck hugs your neck warmly and gives a perfect silhouette to your upper curves if you choose it in stretchable and light woolen fabric. You can’t head wrong whether you choose a baggy one or fitted one. So, don’t ever dare to underestimate this women’s sweater.

Cutout Knit Sweaters

Nothing goes ill-favored if cutout knit sweater would be in your closet. From complimenting your basic to spark up your outgoing look, cutout knitted sweaters are a great way to style up confidently. As the cutout work adds flavor to the knitted sweater, so it will be you who will carry it off like you are the showstopper. Give it a try and you will actually love to adorn it.

Cashmere Blend Sweaters

When the snow season says me too loudly, you must have a cashmere blend sweater to rescue yourself and back to shout in style. You know what’s the best thing about cashmere sweaters that they are knitted with thick thread and designed amazingly to give it a new spice every time. They keep you warm and comfortable.

Crew Neck Sweaters

Oh, so finally it replaced your go-to-tshirts!

Serving the purpose of making you completely cover well, crew neck always be a gossiping and well adorned buzz in the fashion Industry. If you are a daily outsider champion, you can wear a crew neck sweater under your oh-so-jackets or can go for printed crew neck to compliment shirt collars. The crew neck is one of the sweaters for women that can be adorned without any outer and inner. Keep this thing in mind while styling yourself.

Ribbed Cardigans

Layer it up girl!

Yeah, the way it sounds like. Layering has become the main key to the trend whether its an ethnic jacket, western jackets and ribbed cardigans. Cardigans are basic yet damn important essential that every woman should have in her winter closet. They are great styling partner as they can be matched with any sweater, t-shirts, top and more.

Round Neck Woolen Sweaters

Didn’t you hear that old is gold!

That’s what is for round neck woolen sweaters. One of the classics yet still staying awesome on modern trend, round neck woolen sweaters are a great pick for this winter again. Giving the chance to shirt pops out from the neck, this sweater turns a chic style when it teams under shirts and bottoms.

Tassle Sweaters

Lovin Tassle!

A new addition, for you. Tassle sweater has recently made its debut and already spread out everywhere the divas are having their wardrobes. Yes, the creative tassle thread and balls are making dull sweaters speak only just for you. So, why don’t even you get it for you and flaunt it like a boho-inspired girl?


Swag is here dude!

If the girly fitted sweater is not your plate, then try out hoodies and bloom out swaggy. Perfect for those times when you need something baggy yet stylish or those days when the schedule is fully packed, women’s hoodies are best to-go with shoes and treggings.

Sweatshirts for Women

Those days have gone when wearing sweatshirt means no more work is left. In modern times, sweatshirts for women have become their fashion goals. They come in types of colours, prints, patterns and more to make you not doubt yourself to choose sweatshirts for outing looks.

Turtle Neck Crop Jumpers

So what if its winter, a little bit show-off is must, right? Turtle the laid-back style in the new version of a jumper is what turtle neck crop jumper. Selling like a hot cake, many beauties loving to adopt this sweater as these sweaters give them chance to look hot while keeping the comfort level up.

Tie Waist Cardigans

Tie waist cardigans are something that you need to have in your staple. Asking us only due to the reason for its old style ribbon which should be tied to only making it boring, then you are wrong dear. Cardigans can be fashionable if you choose the right one in prints and stylish open-up closures. Get dressed them in dresses or jeans-tops to look perfect-to-flaunt.

Off Shoulder Buttoned Cardigan

Weather is already cold, so why don’t you enjoy it.

Dress up in off shoulder buttoned cardigan and throw your choker neckpiece which you have kept for long. Now, the time when it should be worn even in winter. Not more women prefer to wear off the shoulder in cold season but as the trend demands for it, one can go for it and become head turner in a good manner.

Cold Shoulder Knitted Sweaters

Cold shoulder for cold temperature, what’s the match!

No, it doesn’t like that. You can wear cold shoulder latest style of sweaters when the temperature will be not at its peak. Throw your colourful skirts with the light coloured sweaters and make your look worth for this not-so-chill season.

Lurex Thread Sweaters

The party calls and you don’t have any new outfit to wear. So, put your worries aside and go with lurex thread sweater. Lurex threads are known for their shimmering and sparky appearances. These sweaters look awesome with every kind of bottom wear whether it is a skirt , pants, palazzos, and more.

Fair Isle Sweaters

Winter is coming soon but it doesn’t mean that you can’t play with the colours. Although, we seem light and dull shades more, however, choose fair isle sweaters to give yourself moments to cheer up in colours. The eye-catchy work of colourful thread mostly on the neck part, introduced as Fair Isle in the textile industry.

Pom Pom Sweaters

Bye-Bye Pom Pom Tops!

Here we have found pom pom sweaters instead of tops, making you delight that you can’t miss out at least this in any season. This sweater fashion is boho yet so striking to catch every eyeball. Make it land to your wardrobe and dress it whenever you are going to encounter a casual gathering with your buddies.

Two Tone Half Zipper Sweatshirts

It's time to jog!

If you are a fitness lover and always get up early in the morning for jogging, you need to have something like this sweater to give a proper competition for the chilly winds. As the name suggests about the style itself, we think, now you don’t need extra to understand.

Denim Patch Work Sweaters

The denim craze is finally coming to see in this patch work sweater. No doubt, denim is a versatile fabric that can be blended with every another fabric and here we treasured this denim patched sweater for your last-minute events.

Poncho Sweaters

Ponchos are back!

Bringing you a baggy silhouette, the poncho is another layering sweater that every woman aspires to have. Poncho looks cool, stylish and the woolen fabric is thick enough and soft in nature to make you get warmth. Its plays very elegantly as you layer it over a top, sweater, and etc.

Crop Hoodies

Swag it up babes!

Crop hoodies have become a swaggy trendiest essential for college going girls. But in winter season also? Yes, it is. Even hoodies are adorned much in winter than summer. Crop hoodies can be adorned with a basic top or you can go with bare midriff to look hot and sassiest.

Oversized Sweaters

When nothing comes to mind, oversized sweater is a great trend to try. Sweaters may be a thing this season but oversized is a must-have winter essential which will never go out of the fashion for sure. For those cuddling moments, the oversized knitted sweater is like the cherry on the cake. Apart from it when it comes to winter styling, get it done with rugged jeans and heels or can go without any bottom too with knee-length boots to rock the look.

Bell Sleeved Sweaters

Bell Sleeves are back in sweaters and we are loving them. One of the favourite and emerging trend that we have picked here for you, bell sleeves are really head turners which can channel up the boho vibes in you.

Slash Collar Sweaters

Just because of its coldy days, that’s not mean you can’t play with your looks. When you give the chance to flaunt your beauty marker collar bones to yourself in summer, then why not in winter. Buy a slash collar sweater in any colour and let’s your bold yet unmatched look says loud than you.

Crosscover Sweaters

If there is anything from which you can style up effortlessly, then it should be this number. The crosscover is already an interesting pattern in women’s sweater that makes timeless to style up for us.

High Neck Asymmetrical Sweaters

Whereas patterns, prints, designs and more have an important part to embrace the looks of sweaters, hemlines are not behind girls. An always trending Asymmetrical hemline will be also seeing in this season. While high neck covering your neck and highlighting your shoulders, Asymmetrical hemlines will be complimenting to the overall appearance. So, make the space for this piece and let your changing looks have praises from onlookers.

Wrap Batwing Shawl Neck Sweaters

Here is your girly pick!

Do you have the habit to wrap your winter drape? If yes and you don’t know what to do because you can’t go always like that, then my friend, choose the extremely girly and comfy shawl neck latest style of sweater which is featuring wrap batwing sleeves, making it impressive. Throw a net flowy skirt and belly heels with it to create unparalleled style statement this season.

Twisted Back Sweaters

Fashion also needs balance when things go boring in those dull shades, same patterns and more. Hence, its time for twisted back. Let’s have a little fun with our winter looks as twisted details at back makes it interesting more.

Chunky Choker Cut Sweaters

No need to do over or extra!

If there is something that makes fashion jewellery and sweaters go hand in hand together, then, it’s a chunky choker cut sweater. Choker cuts are back and we already made it popular. So as if you will be confused in future what to wear and how to style up that, then don’t look for further and pick out this choker sweater for effortless styling.

Pocket Sweaters

Pocket sweaters again a causal pick!

For the college goers, the less is more. Choose pocket sweater and make other drool on your cool appearance. But make sure to select that sweater which will be contrasted by the pocket, just to make it engaging. Throw a denim and boots or ankle length sneakers to look your casual best.

Back Button Sweaters

This season, why don’t we go for hatke?

Back button sweaters have become the fascinating trend that’s making women go gaga. The fashion of back button sweater is actually quirky. Try it, this will be going a big hit.

Cowl Neck Sweaters

Fulfilling your demand of looking captivating, cowl neck sweaters are best styling partner with layering jackets in actual. Wearing it under blazers, shrugs, cardigans and etc, it not only makes you taste of winter style, in fact, keep you warm throughout the day.

Turtle Neck Cold Sleeved Sweaters

As the off shoulder has become the most-preferred option for women, cold shoulder sweater has turned into the second choice of them.

Colourful Velvet Hoodies

Talking about winter sweater for women and not including velvet, it can’t be possible. Velvet being a winter demand is here updated in a cute hoodie for women. Choosing the right sweater can be a tricky task at times as it has to be work on the point and still look cool. Then, this colourful choice of yours in velvet hoodie will standout on your desire and give you that effortless moment to style up bravo.

Finally, the gallery is going to be closed, tell us, which gonna be your pick? Comment us!