So you want to get stitched your kurti with latest neck designs. Couldn’t decide which latest kurti neck designs out of boat designs, embroidery designs, collar neck and fancy designs will suit? Don’t worry; we have the best patterns for you to choose from. This catalogue of latest and designer neck designs for kurtis will help you out surely.

Kurti being the most loved traditional wear for women of India has now transformed a lot. With different neck patterns, you can change its look to a greater extent and glam up its traditional look. Be it long kurti, short kurti or a mid-length one, there are various types of neck designs which you can experiment with! Let’s check out some of the best neck designs for kurtis here

Top 5 Neck Designs for Kurtis with Collar

Kurtis are fashionable staple for women of all ages. Latest collared neck designs for kurtis can be teamed up with tights, jeggings, leggings and even denims to create a modern, voguish look! Collar neck patterns have changed the way people looked at kurtis. Now from a stand up collar to mandarin collar, from Chinese collar to shirt collar, there are various styles to choose from.

Here are our five picks for kurtis with collar-

  • Kurti with Straight Collar: Resembling a shirt collar, this is one of the most regular but voguish style to pick from. You can pick this style with simple back neck designs for kurtis to stand out on those formal occasions demanding you to be at your traditional best. You can team it up with a modi jacket to stun everyone at workplace!

  • Kurti with Peter Pan Collar- Taken out from the western dresses, Peter Pan collar is one of the different neck designs of kurtis available today. Famous in divas of 60s and 70s, this collar has a lot to say about your personality! Make sure you don’t add a dupatta to let this collar’s attractiveness speak a lot about your unmatched style. This style will suit only for straight cut kurtis, so while cutting the design make sure you are going for straight cut.

  • Kurti with Turtle Neck Collar- Famous for their stand up style, it’s one of the fancy neck designs for kurtis. With an utter stylish appeal, this kurti looks great when paired with jeggings or tights. Based on your taste, you can get it embroidered or leave it simple.

  • Kurti with Mandarin Collar- The standing charm of this standing collar is truly amazing. From square to curve, get these high neck designs for kurtis done in any style and rule the fashion game!

  • Kurtis with Shirt Collar- These are the latest neck designs for kurtis! These are in-trend and up the style quotient by several notches! Inspired from western shirt collars, these neck designs look utterly voguish and add panache to your personality.


Best 5 Boat Neck Designs for Kurtis

Kurtis with boat neck designs and patterns are famous as well. They are popular for their elegant charm. Let’s check out some most popular boat neck designs for kurtis.

  • Simple Boat Neck- As the name suggests, it’s the simple neck design for kurtis. You can wear the kurti with this neck pattern for day to day activities as it feels truly comfortable.
  • Sheer Boat Neck- These are new neck designs for kurtis as this features a sheer fabric around the collar bone. If you want to add a touch of glamour to your otherwise simple kurti, go with this neck pattern.
  • Scalloped Boat Neck Design- Scalloped patterns are considered hot in neck designs. A kurti with scalloped boat neck is something that you can choose to swoon everyone with your outstanding style!
  • Off-shoulder Boat Neck- Want to create a majestic appeal among spectators? Go with this modern kurti neck design oozing with glamour. It looks trendy when paired with jeans or denims.
  • Jewelled Boat Neck- If you don’t want to add too much bling with accessories, go with a kurti neck design like this. These stylish neck designs for kurtis are best for family functions and festivals when you need a traditional wear with bling and exotic pattern.


Embroidery Designs for Kurtis Neck

  • Zardosi Embroidery Neck Design- It is one of the most beautiful embroidery designs available today. The charm of zardosi is impeccable. A kurti with zardosi embroidered neck design is sure to turn every head!
  • Cutwork Embroidery Neck Design- If too much embroidery isn’t a cup of coffee for you, go for this kurti neck style. The cutwork looks elegant and amazing for both formal and casual events.
  • Chikan Embroidery Neck- Chikan embroidery is world famous and when it comes to kurti neck, this design is a must have. Choose any colour and you’re ready to charm everyone around.
  • Kashmiri Embroidery Neck- Be it V neck designs for kurtis or U neck designs, Kashmiri embroidery is the best one to choose from. Kashmiri embroidery is famous for its exotic work that looks truly amazing!
  • Kantha Embroidery Neck- Kantha embroidery isn’t just embroidery it’s a tale in itself. The simple work looks great on every type of neck design.


So, what are your picks? Which latest kurti neck designs are you going to choose? Take an inspiration from above said latest kurti neck designs catalogue and transform the way you wear kurtis!