Check out the latest sarees draping styles. Wondering how to wear a sarees. See the steps below, to know different styles in wearing a sarees. The next part you want to be different in dressing? Here are the top 15 saree draping sytles for wedding, reception, engagement and for parties. Saree has been trending since a long time. It is an only attire that fits everybody and can be adorned by every age group of ladies. You can don this attire on every type of occasions, formal events, social programs, birthday parties and anywhere you want to encounter your onlookers from your sassy yet elegant looks. It is a six-yard drape from which you can play with your looks.

But this time what makes you look different from the last one. Want to get ready for one’s wedding but draping a saree only in one way is so frustrating. Same for all occasions and events, Right?

Well, do not get confused. You just need to change your draping styles of sarees. We present you some interesting and latest draping styles of sarees for wedding, reception, engagement and parties. After reading these points, you will surely get the best one according to your body, taste, style, occasion and desire.

Latest 5 Draping Styles of Sarees for Parties

Nivi Draping Style

The traditional elegance and simplicity of yours pop out as you drape a saree in nivi style. It is one of the quickest styles that can be worn in every type of parties. This draping style showcases your genuine Indian beauty and makes you centre of the attraction beauty.

How to Drape:

  • You all need to do just wrap the saree in normal wasy around your waist.
  • Then make the broad pleats for the pallu.
  • Now, pin up the pallu on your one side shoulder.

Style Tip: Adorn classy “jhumkas” and “bangles” and don your hairs with “gajra” to get the typical Indian look.

One Sided Front to Back Draping Style

Let’s do some experiment with the one of the hot ethnic attire. The front to back draping style of saree will turn up your look instantly. It is a unique style that only some can flaunt. But if you want to become the cynosure of all eyes then don this style and flaunt it smartly with your slender figure. This innovative draping style gives you a “banjaran” look whichhas already explored by many ramp walkers.

How to Drape:

  • The main part of donning this draping style is making pallu. First, wrap the saree a bit loose around your waist.
  • Second, make the skirt’s pleats and tuck into the waistline.
  • Third, the last one, take the rest of drape to make the pallu from front to back but make sure it will pin it on one side shoulder from where you started the making pallu.

Style Tip: Wear a pair of Kohlapuri chappal and fun loving ornaments to make your presence lively and sparky in the party.

Modern Saree Draping Styles with Closed Neck

If your one of them woman who loves to try out something new and fresh then you can go for this quirky and unique draping style. This style cozily hugs your neck and present your image as a classic portray. It is very easy to drape but makes sure that you will choose printed or solid saree. Adorn a fancy printed cutout blouse piece with it to catch all passing eyes towards your funky cum ethnic look.

How to Drape:

  • Simply drape the skirt of the saree then tuck pleats left to right step by step like a lehenga.
  • Now, to don the pallu part, take the rest of fabric from front to back and then wrap it around your neck.

Style Tip: Make a “Ponytail”, wear an impressive pair of Kolhapuri chappal but do not adorn any piece of jewellery otherwise it will look ill-favoured.

Belted Half & Half Draping Styles for Parties

Cherish your elegant look in alluring saree. As for a party look, take a glittery or sequence worked saree in half & half pattern sarees and don it to become the talk of the town. This belted draping style makes you look slender and will showcase the royal charm of yours.

How to Drape:

  • Wrap the skirt of the saree in mermaid style and make broad pleats for the pallu.
  • Now, take “sidhapallu” from front to back.
  • At the last, after donning the drape style, adorn a tempting belt around your waist.

Style Tip: Make a bun with your hairs and just wear modern cum vintage long earrings to draw an attention to this jaw-dropping draping style.

Indo western dhoti draping style

Comes to impress you, this traditional cum western dhoti draping style conquers the fashion industry by its unique drape. Feel the perfect spicy touch of trend to your ethnic look by getting dressed in this draping style. It is a drape that attracts your admirers immediately and will help you to rule the fashion world. One can go bold and sassy with this style. All you need to do just adorn it like a dhoti.

Draping Steps: - This dhoti style drape can be little tricky to drape but not impossible.

  • First, wrap the one round of the saree from back to front, now at the centre overlap the both ends and secure it with safety pins.
  • Second, take the left saree from one remain corner to make pleats for the pallu. Drape the pallu free on your one shoulder and pin it smartly.
  • Third, don the rest of the fabric to make pleats at front and tuck them into your tights or leggings. It is a bit differ formula from dhoti style but this Indo western drape also helps you create a majestic aura in the party with your unbeatable Indo-western look.

Style Tip: You can finish out your look after wearing a pair of wedge heels with this style and get your hair done according to your desire. Wear drop earrings to add a little spice to the whole get-up.

5 Saree Draping Styles for Weddings or Wedding Reception

Gujarati saree drape

The wedding is a vital day for any bride. It is a day in which she can fulfill her every desire to steal all hearts and eyes from her divine bridal look. Those who love to follow the typical culture of India can try out this inspiring Gujrati drape on her special day. This style has been running in trend since a long time. Adorning a bridal saree in this way makes you look traditional stalker sarees and add a spark to your choice. After donning the saree drape, you can take another striking dupatta over the head to complete the bridal look.

How to Drape:

  • Wrap the saree around your waist by tucking pleats step by step right to left.
  • And then, take rest of saree to make pallu.
  • In this style of drape, you all need to don the pallu from back to front.
  • After that, take one corner of the pleated pallu, tuck it into the skirt and now flaunt the rest of the pallu by widening up the pleats.

Style Tip: Wear heavy pieces of jewellery with it to present yourself as a true diva.

Bengali touch in saree draping styles

Remember the wedding’s snaps of Biapasa Basu? She finished out her look brighter in the Bengali drape. She got the perfect look of “Bong Girl” on her day of wedding. Previously, in order to adopt this style, women need nine-yards fabric but nowadays this drape can be done without any extra fabric.

A blend of sensuous grace and traditional charm can be experienced with a rich border zari worked red Bengali saree to look beyond from your imagination. This drape has crispy appeal to attract your invited guests and your beloved one’s towards to your unforgettable look in Bengali saree.

Draping Steps:

  • Wrap the first round of saree around your waist.
  • Make the pleats in box shape, make sure that the pleats would be broad.
  • Tuck the broad pleats into the skirt.
  • Make the pleats of pallu and adorn it on your one shoulder but pallu should be taken from front (where you don the skirt’s pleats) to back.
  • Pin itthe pleated pallu into the skirt by pulling the border of the pallu over the chest.
  • Now last step is taking the rest of the pallu from back to front on the left shoulder and pin it tightly. Or, you can ditch it without taking rest of the pallu from behind to front.

Style Tip: Wear embellished accessories with this style to complete your Bengali bridal look.

Back to Front Mermaid Skirt Saree Draping Style for Wedding or Reception

Love is a gift, wedding is the celebration of love and the reception is a memory of wedding or love both. So why don’t you think to make your memory remarkable and unforgettable with your traditional avatar in saree. Fashion lover brides never miss out this chance to look ravishingly gorgeous in her wedding reception. Select a glittery lace or mirror worked saree that you can also adorn on your wedding day. But, most of the women prefer golden colour to adorn it on the wedding reception.

Now, let’s try something royal and unique with the drape style of saree. One can drape her saree with brocade blouse in back to front pallu style to get that picture-perfect look.

How to Drape:

  • Wrap around the skirt of the saree in mermaid or butterfly style and then don the rest of the pallu from back to front.
  • Ensure the pallu will be in free style.
  • Pin it the pallu on your right shoulder and now tuck the end part of pallu into the opposite side of the skirt.

Style Tip: Adorn matching ornaments like a masterpiece of “nath” and “maangtika” to define your royal swag.

Maharashtrian’s Love For Bridal Saree Draping Style

India’s beautiful state Maharashtra can’t stay behind when it comes to flaunt its art and culture through the costumes of brides and grooms. It is one of the oldest draping styles which is still running hot in the trend among all fashion designers and fashion forwarded persons. No one can take their eyes off from you as you dressed up with this style. To get this look, a cotton silk zari worked saree in red colour would be the best option for any bride.

Draping Steps:

  • Let’s start from behind
  • Wrap half round of the saree from behind and then make a knot by taking two parts of the saree at the front below the navel.
  • Take the remain one corner of untied fabric between the legs and tuck it at back by making small pleats of saree.
  • Ensure to make pleats clean and pin it tightly without damaging the fabric of a saree.
  • Now at the last, don the pleats at the front by bringing the saree around the waist to make pleats again for the pallu section.

Style Tip: Wear a pearl beaded “Marathi Nath” on your nose to perform the traditional ritual of Maharashtra. And, it is also most important accessory for the bride of this state of India.

Casual Style Royal Saree Drape

Be the charming beauty of wedding or reception ceremonies adorning this alluring and light casual drape style. Select heavy designer broad border worked saree and adorn it in free style to flaunt your graceful lavish look.

How to Drape:

  • Drape the saree casually and pin up the pallu free or casual on your one shoulder.
  • Now, it's upon to you that you want to let the remain pallu flaunts itself or tie the rest of pallu by wrapping around the wrist to feel the presence of royalty in your traditional looks.
  • One can adorn bridal brocade dupatta over the head to mesmerizing the Indian look.

Style Tip: Try out the faded silver heavy neckpiece and nath to conquer the trend in your ethnic look.

Fresh 5 Saree Draping Styles for Engagement

Butterfly Saree Drape

Who does not want to flaunt her slim or slender curvaceous body in saree? The butterfly saree drape is perfect for those who want to go sassy and bold on engagement ceremonies. Select a nude coloured satin saree and team it well with brocade deep sweetheart cut blouse piece to make head turns.

How to Drape:

  • Drape the saree below the navel so that you can show off your slim waist.
  • Now, when it comes to pallu, make the pleats of pallu very thin.
  • To add some spice to your look, take the pallu inside the blouse and let rest of the pallu flaunts from the back.

Style Tip: You can adorn a designer neckpiece to glam up the whole look.

Ulta pallu saree drape with koti jacket

Stylize your ethnic look by draping a net saree in ultapallu style. This is a style that comes and goes time to time but one should not avoid this drape when it already gained lots of popularity in the fashion industry. You can drape this style easily to show off the brocade or embellished jacket.

How to Drape:

  • The skirt of the saree should be draped casually.
  • But what you need to do all just take the pallu of saree and wrap it half round around your waist at the back.
  • Now, make the pleats of pallu and take it from back to front.
  • Pallu should be a bit long so that one can flaunt it well.

Style Tip: Do not adorn any accessory, just be simple.

Half & Half Retro Draping Style

Present yourself in retro style to make amazed the crowd. Saree is a garment that holds fun, elegance, classiness and simplicity. Draping a saree in many ways get you lots of different varieties in your look. All you need to do guys, just wrap it like never before. The half n half pattern of the saree and some funky accessories make this style more impressive. Choose satin mix net fabricated half n half saree and drape it with striped top or tee to get the ultra-modern look.

How to Drape:

  • As you already saw the above image, it is not hard to drape.
  • Drape it like free style mentioned earlier.

Style Tip: Wear a pair of clubmaster or round shape wayfarer sunglasses and a chunky pendant.

Over the Head Draping Style

One of the popular drapes among all designer saree draping style, this over the head pallu style will present you a royal beauty. You can drape a saree with this way in engagement party to make the crowd go gaga on your classy looks. Over the head pallu drape showcases your love for tradition and culture of India. Getting dressed in this style emerges your inner grace and innocence. Select any kind of saree and club it up with boat neck blouse piece.

How to Drape:

  • Wrap the skirt according to your taste.
  • But, when it comes to don the pallu, pin up the pallu free on your left shoulder.
  • Then, bring out the pallu over the head and put it down free on your right shoulder.
  • Now, let rest of the pallu flaunts by itself.

Style Tip: Don your traditional look by wearing antique or classic jewellery pieces.

Tie Wrist Sidhapallu Saree Draping Style

Nothing would be cool and simple drape as this tie wrist sidhapallu style. It is a drape that you can adorn instantly without giving your time much. Pick a striking glamorous saree and drape it with a statement blouse piece. Adorn a belt around your waist to spruce up your whole outfit. The belts have already become a fashion accessory which can be worn with almost every type of ethnic or western attires to get effortlessly stylish looks.

Draping Steps:

  • Drape the skirt of a saree in mermaid style and make the pleats of the saree in nivi way.
  • Pin up the sidhapallu by taking it from front to back.
  • Now, do not let the pallu flaunts at back, just hold it and bring out the pallu from behind to front to tie it on a wrist.
  • If the pallu of saree is long enough then wrap two rounds on your wrist otherwise you can tie only one round.

Style Tip: Adorn a golden or silver coloured laced belt and put smoky makeup on your face to grab all eyeballs from your true appearance of diva look.

So, disclose us, for which style will you go?