Here, the monsoon season and fashion both are landed!

We all love the smell of patricore, splashing rain, cloudy sky, greenery, refreshing vibes and of course monsoon fashion. After the hot sunny weather Summer, Monsoon is a season to be enjoyed fully without worrying about ruined footwear, stained muddy bottoms and little-wet outfits. It is a weather synonymous with fresh and bright dressing up. This season gives you a chance to celebrate the break from sunny days and brighten up the wardrobe from coolest dresses and footwear. However, the question pops up here that what to wear during rainy days so that we can’t ruin the look and comfort both. And, it’s obvious to think like that especially for college goers as they are in the period where fashion must speak and love to be clad in pretty dresses. Well, there is nothing to take tension about. Luckily, we have listed some serious and effortless rainy days outfits that will make your monsoon fashion goals strong and keep you safe from fashion blunders while making you have fun on rainy days.

So, yeah! Let’s get started



No, if you are thinking that culottes are a demanding piece for the summer season, then my dear here you are wrong. Culottes and palazzo pants are best to adorn in monsoon season also. As you know rain raises the level of humidity and makes your outfit sticky against your body, culottes are a pair that rescues you from unwell feeling and uncomfortable look. The wide short pants, called as culottes will keep you comfortable throughout the day, give you freedom of movement and the medium length of them ensure you don’t get your pants dirty.

Tip To Wear- A tee or an off-shoulder top with sneakers or platform heels compliment culottes an instant. For a hairdo, give yourself a messy bun look with sunglasses.



The best time to go swaggy and playful in shorts is a monsoon season. Unlike hot days that make legs tan and sweaty. They are the perfect pick for monsoon season. They won’t get dirty even in you step out in a muddy way like the pants and jeans always got. One can select light fabrics over denim because denim gets wet and does not dry easily. However, if you a fashion seeker and loves to go highly appreciated for your good sense of dressing, then go freely for denim shorts and let the complimenting sight fall on with drizzling drops.

Tip To Wear- Printed crop tops will work like a cherry on the cake with high waist shorts for women. Tie a bandhana bow for a cute hairdo and tweak up your regular college going look in an instant with jelly shoes.

Maxi Dress

maxi dress

Among all styles in dresses, maxi dresses have become the most-preferred style for women of all ages. From keeping the look elegant to funloving, dramatic and more, maxi dresses rule every look very gracefully. These dresses are so comfy, relaxing and stylish which can create statements without doing much effort. All you need to choose according to your style. They are available in bright hues, printed chics with high slits like we have added here this street style inspired striped maxi dress with two slits. Be it on a brunch date, shopping ride, regular day and everywhere, it will lend you a laid-back style which will steal all passing eyes.

Tip To Wear- Oxford shoes, ankle length boots and belly heels are the on-the-top matches for maxi dresses. One can wear a denim shirt over the dress and cast the spell of being cool.



Say yes to button up skirts and restyle your casual look. Skirts are counted among the best of monsoon trend. They always stay high on trend and have ruled women’s clothing era since ages and will do forth also. Skirts highlight your feminine side and add monsoon flavor if the skirt has chosen right. Land towards a printed skirt in a tea length and score up your fashion goals. With the variations in the length, tea length will be the perfect length for going outside in the rainy days. But while dressing up, make sure to balance between top and skirt to do not bump into fashion blunder situation.

Tip To Wear- For the skirts like the added one, a solid white t-shirt or halter neck top will boost up your look. Choose sliders or ballerinas to complete the look.

Boyfriend Jeans


If you are a fashion junkie, you won’t mind stealing your boyfriend’s jeans. Right?

Just kidding! You don’t need to ask or steal the jeans from your BF. Shop boyfriend jeans online if you do not have any in your wardrobe. These denim jeans tend to be a little baggy and offer you an invitation to explore the new language of fashion. Inspired by men’s jeans, they give you an uber-cool look with types of t-shirts, shirts and tops. Whether you are going on a trip with peers or just enjoying the weekend outside, boyfriend jeans are a go-to-collection addition for informal dressing.

Slipping into skinny jeans is a big NO, because, they all make you feel uncomfortable during the rainy season. Rather than choosing fitted clothing, go for boyfriend jeans and get selfie-ready.

Tip To Wear- For a fusion look, give a try to high slit straight kurti with boyfriend jeans and boots. Make sure the jeans bottom would be rolled up giving a swaggy look to you.

Kurta with Ankle Palazzo Pants

kurta with pants

Let ethnic rule this monsoon season!

Wishing something Indian in the closet? Then, what would be the better option than kurta with Palazzo pants? Yes! The combination of long kurta with ankle-length palazzo pants ruling the trend of women’s fashion perfectly. Be it casual or formal, wearing kurtas with pants is much better than those tight fitted outfits that only make you feel uncomfortable and awkward sometimes. Comfort and style both go hand in hand with this outfit combination. You can choose an Anarkali kurti to match up with pants or a straight cut that is already on the list. So, choose whatever you like the most. It will spice up your look and will make you a desi chic girl of the town.

Tip To Wear- Juttis or Kolhapuri top the list with this outfit. Don’t forget to put a small black bindi on your forehead.



Neither too loose nor too tight, just like this statement a dungaree is. When you are in no mood for doing extra or special, going for a dungaree ends your frustration and keeps your timeless stylish look up. If long dungaree is not your plate, rompers made of light fabric are the synonyms of the same. Though, dungarees add ease to your weekend look and serve an easy-going style. This outfit is on trend for a long time and yet grab showers of compliment wherever you go.

Tip To Wear- Wear a striped crop t-shirt under dungaree and pair up the outfit with lace-up shoes, a baseball cap and backpack to swag up the style or you can go with off shoulder top and high heels if you are going to roll up the dungaree bottom hemlines.