But You Know That My Favourite, Is When You Are Rocking That Desi Swag. Yeah, that’s how salwar suits compliment women and level up desiness with swag.

Well, not so long ago, we have heard that name which is still buffering in our minds, it is the latest version of salwar suits “Jacket Style “which has entwined the comfort and style together. No wonder, the fashion industry over the years has evolved so much and in modern times, it has introduced immense styles and fashion trends. Just like that, jacket salwar suits are one of those trends who is buzzing into the fashion industry. Calling it a layering fashion, designers gave jackets a new launch with some bedazzling tweaking looks. Those days have gone when jackets were popularized for western essentials. These ethnic jackets or jacket salwar suits didn’t only top the suggestion of the list even taken over the Bollywood industries too.

Saying no to their versatility would be like you are underestimating the power and magic of jackets. Trust me, buy yourself one and dress up perfectly and you’ll fall in love with your own look. But without getting out from the league, we would love to gossip with you about the ethnic jackets. The jacket layering trend has spoken very loud as you already know, but it is a bigger hit to ethnic closets. Yes, unlike regular jackets, these embroidered to sequenced and types of ethnic jackets are compatible, easy to carry and offbeat to swag up. Although, we are loving to see experiments of indo-western clothing with these jackets.

Talk of jackets in salwar suits or latest jacket suits, the breaking monotony has become the key to fashion and we are seeing that mesmerizing result too. From flattering your feminine beauty while letting you feel warm in the winter season to make your entry full on mode with the sheer in the summer season, jacket style salwar suits have become must-have for those who love fusions and for them who are kinda fashion forward.

And here, we are going to introduce you to types of jacket suits or can say the pattern of jackets suits to copy and paste them into your capsule wardrobe.  Avail Here!

Ultra-Short Jacket Suit

By completing the song, Tenu Suit Suit Karda, we want to compliment you in advance. Ultra-short jackets are back in town with daring slits and patterns in order to take your gorgeous looks where the pros are including. Taking a topic of the new style with jacket suit, we present you this long Anarkali salwar suit which is amazingly collaborated with this collared ethnic jacket. This salwar kameez is good-to-go for all season as one can dress up it without a jacket.   

Front Slit Long Jacket Suit

The Royal Alert! Lady

Long Anarkali jacket suit is the privilege to layer over the salwar suits. And when it comes as a kameez, so what more you like to add? The touch of royalty and display of classism is two phrases of style which can be seen in one and only front slit long jacket style suit. Long jacket suits with slits are on the rollercoaster of the trend. These designer women jacket suits generally showcase high slits or a free look to bestow a sneak peak of the underneath kameez and alert attention towards the layered effect. Be it for a wedding function, festive occasion, cocktail parties and everywhere you want to candid like a natural yet divine beauty.

Koti Style Jacket Suit

The Koti trend has made a comeback, are you daring enough?

Yes, we are totally crushing on this Koti style jacket salwar suit. The koti style in women’s ethnic jackets was much popular in old days. However, they have come with a little twist and cut recently. These classic cum contemporary types of salwar suits with attached Koti jacket versions are perfect to steal the starring eyes as they showcase royalty and on-point ethnicity. Be it long Anarkali, churidar, Patiala and more, these jackets boost up the look of any salwar suits and turn up you into a head turner.

Shawl Collared Jacket Salwar Suit

They say, necklines contribute the best part in making outfit best-to-buy in every case. And It is true my lady! With the lots of choices and options, we bring you collared jacket salwar suit to make you say wow an instant. But, this collar neckline is not a regular even it is shawl neckline which is mostly used for making western women suit. While the floor-length Anarkali jacket suit will be embracing your charming feminine persona, the collared jacket will add a hint of glam and flavor to your look.

High Neck Collared Jacket Suit

For all those desi girls and daydreamers who always crave for a fashion dose of imagination, High neck jackets are on trend in salwar suits and it is your hint to copy. Unlike the regular collars, this is quite something else which can’t let you feel until you don’t try by yourself. High necks are already created a big hit and now we are capturing in this Anarkali salwar suit also. The contrasting shade of salwar suit and ethnic jacket both are creating a statement piece for you.

Medium Length Jacket Suit

What if, it is an attached jacket salwar suit? A striking monochrome shade- Maroon is like oh-so-pleasant. But for who? For married or unmarried? Well, maroon is considered the shade for married women, but with the experimenting trend, single women and teenagers are not behind to explore the more shades related to maroon. Besides, medium jackets salwar suits always stay like an evergreen blockbuster hit, don’t they? Be it velvet, sheer and cotton with designer salwar suits and plain suits and you’ll find your upcoming ethnic look in a snap. These latest jackets suits look great on every body type as the front slit cover up heavy bust appearance effortlessly too and embrace your feminine curves beautifully.

Shrug Cum Jacket Pant Salwar Suit

Ask any girl or woman to pull off shrugs and she won’t mind. And why she would be? When shrug is full on mode to surprise you with latest patterns and designs. There is no denying that shrugs are high-on-meter and now they are capturing in salwar suits too. Like here we have edited, this pretty shrug cum jacket pant style suit which is perfect for all occasion. So as if your style mantra is being simple and elegant and wants updated pick, then this salwar suit is going to be your upcoming favourite for sure.

Long Jacket Bollywood Suit

Where we think fashion ends, the style icons like Karishma Kapoor kicks off experimenting from there. No doubt that Bollywood fashion is our source of styling. While the textile events and runways fashion shows provide us some of the offbeat trends, Bollywood haseenas make them easier for us to copy. And the same Karishma did here in this floor length long jacket Anarkali suit. A sturdy fabric of her long jacket was genuinely complimenting her bottom fabric of the suit. This salwar suit is best-to-go in winter weddings and social galas.

Knotted Jacket Salwar Suit

The most captured and classic style of Indian ethnic jacket, knotted jackets are back in fashionable town. This style involves two doris at the centre of the jacket to tie. The laced work on the edges of this jacket is highlighting golden shade and making it prettier by adding same coloured “latkans” with doris. This kind of suits do not have any closure except doris, hence, offer the best peek-a-boo to inner kameez. So dear ethnic lovers, get dressed in ones like it and be ready to fetch passing eyeball from your traditional avatar.

Angrakha Style Jacket Salwar Suit

A lady in Angrakha style salwar suit, do we need to say more? However, we want to say more.

That style which can speak by its pattern is Angrakha. Whether it is a suit, jacket, top or blouse, angrakha stitched outfit is a time-hounoured piece that can’t be replaced with anyone. One of the continuously running style in women’s clothing, angrakha jacket salwar suit is not only elegant to adorn, in fact, it showcases your classy yet minimal choice of persona and presents another kind of pattern of jacket suits. From creating the effortless style statement to letting you have the taste of royal feel, these types of jacket suits always rock your ethnic look. Try it and see the changes.

Net Jacket Lehenga Suit

It is considered that the layered dress hits a balance between contemporary elegance and traditional taste. So as if you are all about to creating statements, then you should be eyeing on this net jacket salwar suit which is holding a great appeal of sheerness and classiness. Net fabricated outfits already in hot topics so as the jackets made of sheer fabric.

There is one benefit of wearing net jacket salwar suit that one can show her body parts like toned stomach and hands if she wants to, by playing fully dressed. Isn’t a great idea to look swaggy and traditional at the same time?

Here, the talkative gallery is going to be closed. But, you guys, don’t forget to comment us below that which you liked the most and which gonna be your upcoming pick.