All it acquires are few simple outfits and there is one secret-“style like a pro”. Well, style is a way to say who really you are. And, when it comes to street style, then modern men to young lads are not buttocks anymore in order to fetch all passing eyes with their unmatched style of senses. Because, today’s varying and evolving fashion pop out from the streets, but stepping ahead with the voguish one is not everyone’s bowl of rice. Streets are where styles born and spread. So, one should be smart and trendy enough to give a word to his style statement.
If one’s need to find running style, he must stroll in streets to explore diversities of flavors. It is said that if you can’t be better than your competition then just better dress. Exactly, what you need to do if you couldn’t grasp your styling taste.” Style a bit ahead from simple to be better”

Don’t know what to adorn and how to style up? Then this blog of men street style western wear will stand out on your desires in this summer season. Feel free to check out this at your leisure and whenever you need to find yourself. Read along to explore more than enough. Lol….. Go ahead.

Classic Suspender Pants


Remember the style of Charlie Chaplin? How he ruled suspender pants style together with his great skills of comedy. He literally banged on his persona. But, while these pants have been in and out of fashion over the changing trends, there is always a space for this laidback classic style. They are back in trend now with a lot of changes in the pattern. They often have seen in denim and also known as braces. Offer more support than your belts and can be pulled on for casual and formal both looks. All you need to do just adjust leather or fabricated straps of suspender pants so that they will not slip off from your shoulders. Wearing them is perfect to hit the street in style. By keeping this classic style in mind, we should not neglect the casual looks of them. It does all depend on you that for which look you will pull on them. They normally give off that trendy, hipster, casual and snazzy looks, but they also can obtain that sassy business look if one can play right.

Style Tip- Pick a pair of black formal suspender pants like shown picture and club it up with a contrasting shirt, pair of sneakers and beret cap for a complete look.

Casual language for men- Bermuda Shorts with Tees or Shirts

Style and comfort go hand in hand. Bermuda shorts are what a man needs to be spotted up his casual best. Paired with tees and shirts are comfortable, cool and versatile to get bunches of fresh looks. Those who got bored by taking a formal look again and again for semi-officially and official events can try these shorts to jazz up their looks. While giving you a casual flair for a beach look, if one of teamed well, it can be your favourite for upcoming semi-formal event. These shorts are that you can see often in streets with various dressing senses. Can be teamed with shirts, sweatshirts, blazers, t-shirts and many more, at the end, they will give you the desired fit and look. Apart from that, known as cargos also they come in army prints and other familiar prints.

Style Tip- Choose solid blue coloured Bermuda shorts and team them with white double shaded Henley t-shirt. But don’t give a try to cap otherwise it will make you look sweet sixteen. Go for sunglasses, watch and tassel loafers to do something better and manly.

Undying Men Street Style Fashion with Denim Shirts

What? Again, same style? Husshhhh…don’t you get bored? Try to do better than this.

Merging styles is what a street stylist. Doing this or that never gives you best result. You should smartly make an effortless offbeat yet trendy blend of style. By considering this point, denim shirts are your answer for looking perfect for all the time. So, try it once and you will love to adorn it again and again. Versatile, classic and wardrobe must have picked for every season, playing with denim cleverly obtains you dozens of advanced looks. As the part of a fashion entirety, they can convey both rough and sweet looks. Shortly, denim shirts in many blue and black shades are a great additional to your closet. And, I bet, you will never feel regret to have one in your wardrobe. Try them over shorts, tank tops, sweatshirts, trousers etc to look like a million bucks among the crowd.

Style Tip- Don blue denim over striped long- t-shirt or tank top with derby shoes.

Tweak Joggers with Tank Tops for men

Who doesn’t want to look smart? No one!! right?? However, we try our best to create a new style statement but can’t get that craved get up. But, now there is no need to think much about the style when you have joggers in your western staple. Just go with the flow and get yourself new. Because, in this ultra-modern era, joggers aren’t just for jogging bottom wear anymore. You’ll not believe if we tell you that how can you become sure and confident over your cool look until you don’t try by yourself.
Well, joggers are relaxed pants which tend to be elasticized at bottom sleeves. Perfect for airport diaries, gym, casual get together even dressier nights, joggers can be adorned for every occasion. Known as sweatpants also, they ensure breathability and comfort to the wearer. Going out for brunch date with friends in the climate of hotty sun and breezy winds? Give a try to the fusion of tank top and joggers if you have a tough side and want to beat the heat. Otherwise, teaming joggers with shirts, sweatshirts and tees can also turn up your style quotient and keep you at ease.

Style tip- Sunglasses, sneakers and messenger bag are what remain to go easy and confident. So, try it fast.

Evergreen Style of Men - Printed Shirts

Who thinks that floral prints always speak for women? No, my dear friend, if you think in that way, then you are wrong. Prints like floral, polka dotted, abstract etc in bright catchy colours can be seen even in men’s casual closet. Trying to get a well dressed formal look with a perfect pick of printed shirt also can make a man looks standout without doing much. But, not everyone can rule the printed shirts as you can like a dude. We have tons of shirts in various diversities of colours, fabrics, prints and patterns but out of these, printed shirts are that give your challenge to style up smart. Isn’t? Agree?

Come in soft and breathable fabrics, selecting light to solid colours in printed shirts can be matched with the variations of bottom wears for men. Like above-shown image fetched your eyes an instant. You also can try to adorn a printed shirt by rolling up the sleeves and teaming it with shorts, pants, rugged jeans, joggers etc. Make sure to club it up smartly with best bottom wear.

Style Tip- Wear a pair of solid espadrilles with mirrored sunglasses and one can also go for a hat in order to do better than good.

So, here is the guide for men western wear has finished. I hope you guys liked it.