Who wouldn’t want to drape the elegant saree? Ask any Indian girl and she won’t mind bearing hear heart out to give sarees a try. Amid varieties available, handloom sarees make a great pick. The sophisticated patterns of handloom sarees have set these apart from other varieties.

This traditional textile art of India has taken over the fashion world. The marvelous work done by artisans on a beautiful nine-yard cloth tells a unique tale. The weaving technique, design and pattern, everything that it features is unique and outstanding.

Here in this blog, you will see different types of handloom sarees. Keep exploring!!

The Beauty of Banarasi Handloom Sarees

When it comes to traditional wardrobe for Indian brides, their collection is incomplete without a banarasi saree . Hailing from the holy city of Banaras, a banarasi saree is a marvelous representation of culture, tradition and art entwined together. This is one of the best handloom sarees in India. The sari comes in a variety of shades. While the body of the saree features butties all over, the pallu, on the other hand, showcases a marvelous pattern woven with striking golden threads. Various types of motifs, flowers, butties and designs make it an elaborate outfit. The banarasi types of handloom sarees can be worn across various occasions. From weddings to festivals, you can drape them beautifully whenever required.

Bedazzling Baluchari Handloom Sarees

Baluchari saree is one of the best handloom sarees online. You can find these in your local markets as well. This is an integral trademark of West Bengal’s artistic creativity. Its existence in this region dates back to 200 years ago. It is said that during 18th century, the Nawab Murshidquali Khan ruled the region and he had the craze to highlight the ancient craftsmanship of Bengal and bring it into the mainstream. This proved beneficial for balucheri handloom sarees as they became prominent.

The pattern of handloom saree features mythological stories woven with silk threads. The pallu and borders feature an elaborate creation and showcase beautiful motifs including flowers, animals, and more. Even the tale of Ramayana and Mahabharata are created with threads that showcase the magnificence of this handloom saree type.

Magical Munga Handloom Sarees

This type of handloom saree hails from the state of Assam. The natural pale hue of this saree is what keeps it away from others. It doesn’t need any special dying technique as it comes naturally. The saree features traditional butties all over including the pallu part. From simple to elaborate, it comes in every style.

The Knit Wonder Kantha Handloom Sarees

It is also one of the best types of handloom sarees produced in West Bengal. The name kantha means a simple pattern or stitching going all over the saree. The art work showcases a beautiful pattern created in the form of animals, plants, fish and other natural motifs. The elegant embroidery work makes it a must have for all those formal occasions and gatherings.

Tantalizing Tussar Handloom Sarees

Featuring a cotton mulmul texture, tussar silk saree is yet another example of handloom saree. It is produced from the larva obtained from different species of silkworms. The rich texture and natural deep colour is what adds to its vibrancy. The material of handloom sarees is known for its silky touch. It’s one of the specialties of Bihar state.

Drape it with matching jewellery to cast a magic spell.

The Eccentric Tant Handloom Sarees

It’s a soft and lightweight saree in muslin texture. The Bengali tant handloom saree is one of the best sarees as it makes a great outfit for hot and humid Indian summer season. It often comes with an embroidered border that features a silk threaded work. The pallu comes in an elaborate pattern. You can wear it on any occasion and it will go highlighting your personality.

Sensational Sambalpuri Handloom Sarees

Famous for the inclusion of traditional motifs symbolizing deep meaning, the sambalpuri handloom sarees are yet another marvelous creation by Indian artisans. It takes a lot of labours to deck it with the best type of prints in handloom saree. It is dyed with only natural colours, hence, it’s safe to wear it for longer hours.

As far as design and pattern are concerned, then the marvelous work of conch shell, fish, flowers and motifs are common to see. The use of these beautiful elements adds to its overall looks.

Gorgeous Bandhani Handloom Sarees

Bandhani is one of the famous types of handloom sarees hailing from the state of Gujarat. These are also called the printed handloom sarees due to the tied and dyed effect. It comes in beautiful panetar, lehariya, and garchola patterns that ooze with traditional magnificence. Not only the ones that we have discussed above, but there are different types and materials of handloom sarees out there. You can even find best handloom sarees at our site which we have brought to you.

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Charismatic Chanderi Handloom Sarees

Hailing from the state of Madhya Pradesh, the chanderi type of handloom saree is best known for its lightweight and silky touch. It features a narrow border done with zari and a pallu studded with traditional motifs and butties.

Remember, a handloom saree isn’t just an women's ethnic wear , it’s the exemplification of an artisan’s dedicated work. It oozes with sophistication due to the hard work invested in it. Drape it gorgeously around you and grace any occasion you want to stand out!

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