“If Women Are Gifts, Saree Is The Most Beautiful Gift Wrap”

Sound nice, right? Besides, saree being an unstitched drape of women and an epitome of Indian traditional and culture has the power to make you look out of the world. The power of SHE, saree is what dignifies and describes it beautifully. We swear on that there is no another outfit which can be sensuous, classier, finest and graceful enough like sarees and you already know that.

Well, have you ever heard a woman complaining about not looking gorgeous in a saree? We are sure, you haven’t! After all, sarees are not only globally flattering and admiring fashion clothing ever fabricated even they are best to dress up for every reason, season and occasion by all women. Although, sarees look good on everyone and they are for every woman. However, being an Indian Newly wed bride and soon to be Mrs. need the sarees most.

The before you marry and the days after you get married are fully surrendered with social affairs. From meeting husband’s whole family and friends to attending after marriage rituals and more, your daybook is just jam-packed. And in this whole journey, many of designer outfits are required to look your best but it is widely noticed that saree is one of them which is selected for every big occasion by most of the fashionable women. So, why not for wedding ceremonies and functions? Hence, a woman should know styles of sarees, especially brides. Here are different styles of sarees that Newly wed brides must know to be prepared beforehand for her upcoming slaying looks.

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Lehenga Saree

The magic and beauty of any nine-yards lie in its versatility and unmatched grandeur. And lehenga sarees are what that brings out that magic, sensuousness and simplicity of women effortlessly by keeping her comfort level up. Lehenga sarees are for those who discover unstitched sarees tricky to drape. Because these sarees are already come stitched, so they are easy to pull off and do not require your extra efforts for draping. For instants, lehenga sarees which are inspired by South Indian fashion of Half saree or can say Langa voni. This saree gives you both the look of Lehenga and Saree together in one. Best to dress up for a big fat function like reception or engagement ceremonies, you can’t go wrong in it for sure. Give a try to the little messy side bun hairdo with gajra done and put blushy makeup to create that spell which can’t spell out in words.

Bollywood Saree


At the end, we mostly follow our favourite Bollywood celebs for inspiration and when it comes to super-duper ethnic fashion, these celebs are really the best source of fashion inspo. Whether you like Sonam Kapoor or Deepika Padukone and more, you can’t deny the fact that trends strike the market and your special wardrobe direct by the fashion statements of b-town actresses. Right? Bollywood sarees are good to go if nothing comes to your mind for any special function like a cocktail party, kitty parties and social events which encounter our newlywed babes at last minute.

Have you noticed many of Bollywood divas are recently captured in sheer sarees? And Kangana is one of them who truly inspired us from her unparalleled elegant looks in net Bollywood sarees. Well, you can take a hint from her but dress up thoda hatke to standout differently.

Banarasi Saree


If you are still not aware from Anushka’s reception red banarasi saree, then don’t waste your time and just have a deep and wide look to get a clue that how can you look so royal, so pleasant and so feminine in banarasi sarees. No doubt, this saree has been always a treasure for us and we can’t forget its artistic craftsmanship which hails from Banaras. These sarees inspired our Indian tradition and give a hint of royalty and classism to the wearer. They can be draped in many ways with designer modern blouses for festive affairs like Diwali, Karvachauth, Chatth Puja and etc.

Bhagalpuri Saree


Known for unique tie-dye technique and light in weight features, Bhagalpuri sarees give the causality and ethnicity a high peek. Bhagalpuri sarees come from Bhagalpur in Bihar the state of Indian. For a bride, who feels uncomfortable by draping heavy and striking designer sarees, Bhagalpuri sarees are her savior and timeless fashion statement. These sarees gave us such fresh prints on those we are crushing much. Be it birthday parties, house warming parties and pre-celebration of any wedding. All it will get you a pleasing feeling and look with deep neck blouse piece and chandbali shoulder duster earrings.

Half n Half Saree


Half n Half saree is the result of creative fusion in modern times. But as if we talk about earlier, half saree is women’s traditional outfit that is highly prominent in South India. Half sarees are known by different names in different states of India and have crossed a long path and now best for weddings. For those divas who love to experiments with their outfits, they should have half n half sarees in their wardrobes for an instant getup. This fusion saree is an all-time favourite of Indian women of all ages due to its fusion colour, fabrics, works and more. So, if you are confused what to wear for next wedding rituals, you must select half n half saree like the edited one and dress it up like never did.

Kanjivaram Saree


Rounding up all style of sarees, how can we forget to not to include our most desired Kanjivaram sarees of saree lovers? Hailing from Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, this saree has gained lots of popularity for its excellent border designs with temple patterns and vibrant colours. Kanjivaram sarees online have become a voice of royal dressing. If you are deep in love with the sarees or you just totally obsessed with them, kanjivaram sarees are the next call for you. Get shopped one and add this vintage to your wardrobe in case, you’ll have to wear at cultural events.

Kasavu Saree


Being in white and cream shades mostly, Kasavu saree is breathtaking style or type in sarees. While it is famous for its soberness, elegance and simplicity kinds of features, one can tweak it up and look gorgeous at the same time by playing with blouse designs and the choices of accessories. Originally, Kasavu is handwoven cream coloured saree which is mostly designed with gold border and worn by the women of Kerala. These sarees are considered the elite traditional sarees which define the meaning of beauty of women. Soon-to-be brides can wear this saree for her Haldi rasam or on pre-wedding shoots with golden jewellery and look out of the box.

Plain Saree


The best winning heart saree is none other than but it is a plain saree. Yeah, from making to meet your desire of looking minimal yet stunning to give you the light look while playing simple, plain sarees are available online in various hues and fabrics for all occasions. Whenever you bump into the dilemma of what to wear for upcoming family gathering, give a try to plain sarees with a sleeveless off-shoulder blouse and achieve the hard-to-look-away look. The right accessories, heels and makeup would be what will compliment your whole style sense. So, make sure to choose accordingly.

Printed Saree


After the plain version, printed sarees are simple to try and are what play characters, nature, laws and much more. Printed sarees are best to speak which you can’t speak anyway without doing much and without adding efforts. These sarees are on peak as the many of divas, fashion bloggers and fashionable women like you seeming in love with them. For office going women, the sarees having prints are good-to-go. Besides, they can be statements outfits if someone styles them right and quirky. Pearl, beaded, stone accessories do match these sarees perfectly and will compliment you for your casual cum eye-catchy choice.

Traditional Saree


Traditional saree is not the style but it’s not lesser than any. Basically, it is a term which we do use for types of sarees that compliment our culture and tradition. But with the varying trends, traditional saree has become the style which involves many of sarees like kanjivaram, banarasi, tant, sambalpuri, kota and more. One can easily pull off a traditional saree with so much swagger by layering jackets and capes for a dramatic look or can turn up simply appealing dressing it up in casual drape with light makeup. A bride who is going to attend a get-together with her husband’s collogues or about to attend her official party, she can choose traditional saree and don gracefully to bloom out like a divine beauty.