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Make A Mark For Yourself In The Party With A Gorgeous Jacquard Salwar Suit

A fabric which you want to drape over your body needs to be comfortable and breathable. Some of the traditional fabrics which are used to make apparels like cotton or silk, already have a famous name for themselves. New hybrid fabrics have also been used to make different types of designer apparels for both men and women.

One such fabric that is now extensively used for designer wear is jacquard. This is one fabric where the design possibilities are immense. They are used for sarees, salwar suits, designer lehengas and also as an upholstery fabric.

Jacquard has an intricate woven pattern, which is not embroidered but directly woven into the fabric. There are a wide variety of colors and designs that can be made on this fabric. The finesse comes from the quality of fabric chosen to make the weave. Earlier they used to be made by hands, but after the invention of the electronic jacquard loom, things have become much easier.

Nowadays, the process has been computerized, which has made the labour intensive threading process much easier. Now, complex designs can also be created at a faster rate and with better output quality.

Sometimes, people get confused between jacquard and printed fabrics, but they are different. The printed fabric is woven and then printed. Whereas, a jacquard is a machine which creates patterns in the fabric. Let us understand why this fabric is favourable for designer wears.

Why is jacquard fabric preferred for designer salwar suits?

There are quite a few advantages of jacquard fabric that makes it a favourite among designers. The first advantage is that there can be a wide variety of designs, colours and patterns that can be done on a jacquard fabric. Hence, designers can explore and implement their imagination and creativity into the fabric.

It is a lovely fabric to drape and also flaunt the designs. It gives a gorgeous look and can be worn to different types of occasions.

What are the different types of jacquard fabrics?

There are namely three different types of jacquard fabric as follows:

Brocade fabric: These are raised designs with multiple threads and rich patterns. It is generally heavier than the fabric. This is mostly used in apparels and upholstery.

Damask fabric: This is a finer version of brocade, and generally woven in a single colour.

Matelasse fabric: This is manufactured with cotton, rayon or silk, and it has a stretchy surface and a quilted look.

If you are wondering where can you wear this amazing fabric, our next section will apprise you of the same.

Where can you wear jacquard salwar suits?

Jacquard salwar suits can be worn to special events like weddings, engagements or special evening parties. This can be worn for special events outside or whenever you are playing host in your own house.

These are comfortable to wear in any season and easy to carry around. They make you look no less than a celebrity. So, if you want to look stunning in any of the upcoming events, then the following guide will surely help you.

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If you are looking for something gorgeous to wear for an event, don’t forget to keep jacquard salwar suit as an option in mind. They are magnificent and charismatic bringing out the beautiful You which might have been dormant till now.

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