Jacquard Sarees

Jacquard Sarees- Hottest Pick of the Season, Shop ‘em Now!

Sarees are synonymous with sophistication. For every Indian woman out there, it’s been a great possession. There have been a variety of sarees in India. Of many patterns, jacquard sarees hold a greater significance. They have turned out to be the most popular varieties a woman can demand in six-yard drapes.

It is made from a special fabric called jacquard. Hence, the name so! The elegant woven patterns give its wearer a silken smooth feeling. It feels light on the body and adds to one’s features. The designs are directly interconnected with the fabric just like chiffon sarees and all. This eliminates the chances of wearing and tearing of the patterns. That’s why women prefer it more than other sarees.

Catching up the fancy of today’s fashionistas, sarees have gone through drastic changes. Embroidered sarees, silk sarees and what’s not, the pattern keeps evolving.

The jacquard ensemble comes in three varieties- damask, brocade and matelasse. The intricate weaving pattern makes them a bit complex and fit for festive occasions. This fabric was invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard, hence to acknowledge his invention people named it after him.

Earlier it was not easy to manufacture jacquard sarees at a fast pace due to lack of equipment and facilities. But now, the heavy demands of this ensemble can be tapped easily as technologically advanced looms and facilities are easily accessible.

We have a wide range of sarees in jacquard pattern that you can shop online. We have also bought lightweight collection to beat the heat in summer festivals and occasions while looking dapper. Each of the designs is an exemplification of finest craftsmanship. We also have a splash of colours when it comes to picking the desired shades. Black, white, red, maroon, green, blue, etc. pick any shade you want and flaunt your stylish side!

In addition to our embroidered and kanjivaram sarees, we have jacquard in a variety of patterns and styles too. From heavily decked to lightly daily-wear, you can choose from the style you like, the design you prefer. Whether you want to look ravishing in a wedding ceremony or want to show off your desi but stylish side on a regular event, we have such style in our saree collection that will make you diva! Get, drape and see the magic it adds to your personality!

Besides jacquard sarees, we have other ensembles too. You can explore varieties of ethnic wear in a variety of styles. We have got a separate selection of accessories and pieces of jewellery too that will go well with your saree look.

Sarees are complete ensemble in themselves but a little acessorization doesn’t hurt. Get matching accessories and be a desi diva!

Explore our jacquard saree collection online. Choose the one that fits your tastes well. Add to your car, checkout and enjoy an ensemble worth flaunting!

So, go knock the socks off people in any party with your sensuous Indian avatar in jacquard saree!

It’s time to update your wardrobe with Indian ethnic wear!

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