Look elegant in women’s silk salwar suits at affordable prices

Famous for its luxe feel and touch, silk has always been a hot-favourite for people. Not only was/is it famous among royals but other people out there too. And when it comes to women’s ensembles, it has got a huge fan following. Amid different outfits, women’s silk salwar suits have become a must-have ensemble.

MakeMyOrders brings to you a hand-picked collection of salwar suits in silk fabric. It is said that silk and Indian women are a pair made in heaven. Without each other both are incomplete. After all, women love to flatter their feminine side and what fabric would do that best than silk! Lightweight, shiny and diaphanous features make it premium among other materials. The sensational brilliance of the fabric enhances its appeal perfectly when woven in traditional dresses like suits.

Features that will make you feel luxurious

As we know silk is a natural fibre procured from silkworm. It has its own shine and luster. Silk is obtained from mulberry and many other species of silkworms that are cultivated naturally and produced pure silk. The reflection of lights makes it shinier.

Not only silkworms but it is cultivated from other insects. However, only silk of moth caterpillar is used in textiles. There are different types of silks procured from caterpillars. But these have smaller production than that of mulberry silkworms. There are reasons behind that. The cultivated silkworms are bred in a scientific manner under a strict diet and procedure. They are given mulberry diet and the surroundings are kept conductive so as to cultivate cocoons. As the cocoon shells are left it creates long staples of good quality silk fibers which then are reeled in directly for silk fabric creation.

The ones obtained from wild silk lack such shine as they are not given any diet and they lack close observation too. Reeling of their silk fibre may face several breaks that have a greater impact on the length and strength of the fibre.

Silk- classic but royal

Indian states especially southern ones have a long-standing tradition associated with silk weaving. South Indian states are said to produce different types of silk and their silk sarees and salwar suits are famous for weddings, parties, festivals and other occasions. Once a must-have staples for royal families, now silk can be found in every household. Some of the best types of silk include Kanchipuram silk, Mysore silk, Dharmavaram silk, Bhagalpuri silk, banarasi silk, Baluchari silk, Sambhalpuri silk and more.

Salwar suits are the second most preferred outfits for women in India after sarees. Beautiful designs, patterns and styles make them a staple that women of all ages go crazy about. Silk salwar suits are the results of great craftsmanship Indian artisans put into it. This ensemble provides a unique grace to womanly figures and enhances their womanly charm. Its natural feel and texture exude exquisiteness and elegance. Even with minimal work, embroidery, embellishment and design, they pop out beautifully.

Our range features a wide array of salwar suits in silk fabric that you can buy online right from your home. Our range includes various shades as well including red, white, yellow, green, pink, and many more. MakeMyOrders features some of the best suits in this material that you can add to your wardrobe right away. We are one of the best shopping stores in India with widest range of salwar suits and other ethnic wear. Here you can shop for silk Punjabi suits online, wedding suits, daily suits, traditional party suits, office suits and many more. From regular designs to palazzo, Patiala, and sharara, we have plethora of options available.

Even you can find them in a variety of necklines designs to up your style quotient. You can shop them in scoop to V-neck, U-neck, square, collared, closed and crew necklines. We also feature a wide array of silk salwar suits in different sleeves designs. Half sleeves, full sleeves, three quarter and sleeveless, there are various patterns to choose from. We understand your dressing needs, that’s why we bring the exact design you need at most affordable price.

So, look no further and order your silk salwar suits online from MakeMyOrders and save big bucks. It’s time to look ahead with a dash of stylishness that our silk suits will proffer to you in abundance.

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